North Carolina Zoo Project Goes Live

Asheboro, NC – April 18, 2008

With the throw of a switch, April 18, the North Carolina Zoo will house the state’s largest PV Solar Power project contracted by NC GreenPower.

Partnering with Carolina Solar Energy (CSE) and Randolph Electric Membership Corporation (REMC), the zoo will have in operation a 104 kilowatt, 9,600 square-foot grid-tied, photovoltaic solar system mounted on three picnic pavilions.

The annual power production is projected to be 130,000 kilowatt hours per year, which is the energy used by 11-13 average homes in North Carolina.

The Solar Pointe picnic pavilions will provide covered catering space for the zoo and are a gift in kind from CSE with contributions from the N.C. Zoo Society. The zoo, in turn, is leasing the roofs of the pavilions to CSE for the solar power system.

CSE sells the electricity generated to REMC and receives a subsidy from NC GreenPower to make the project economically feasible.

The Solar Pointe is located near the zoo’s North American Entrance and will be viewed by the zoo’s 750,000 annual visitors, including more than 10,000 school children. Educational graphics include a monitor with direct connection to a web site that shows live readout of the actual energy being generated and the pollution being avoided. School groups and the general public can view the information on-site or online.

“The NC Zoo is pleased to partner with Carolina Solar Energy and Randolph EMC on this innovative addition to the zoo’s green projects,” said Director David Jones.

“I believe consumer demand for green power will quickly outpace supply in our state,” said CSE owner Richard Harkrader. – One of our goals with this project’s to show that solar power is not just for people in California and Nevada; it’s feasible on a large scale right here in North Carolina today.”

# # #
Gerry Dudzik, COO
Carolina Solar Energy, LLC